Inner Wolf Jewelry is owned and operated independently by Ashya Elizabeth. Creating from her studio in so-called Vancouver, Ashya’s work is influenced by her Cree and Turkish ancestry, every piece infused with elemental components of the natural and spiritual world.

Ashya has allowed her ancestral lines to remain one of the greatest influences in the art she creates. Holding onto a deep connection with the earth, animals and minerals, Ashya incorporates this in her work through primarily using raw stones as well as hair, quills and feathers. Whether using antler sheds or feathers sourced from elders, every gift from the animals is humanely sourced, honored and respected. 

Growing up with an influential, intelligent and culturally connected mother, Ashya was immersed in ancestral knowledge, cultural history and an informed perspective on historical and contemporary Indigenous issues. Guided by her aunties and other family members, Ashya made her first dreamcatcher at the age of eight. This passion for creating has been instilled in her from a young age, passed down through familial relationships and braided into her work today.

Ashya studied at the University of Saskatchewan, exploring lithography, printmaking, painting and art history. This education provided a structured foundation for her to work from, eventually evolving into the practice of jewelry making. Acting as a conduit, Ashya draws on ancestral and cultural teachings to create pieces that tell a story. As she evolves in learning new techniques, she always returns to a place of gratitude for the support she receives. 

Her business is based on the primary values of honesty, authenticity and affordability. Ashya believes that being adorned and made to feel beautiful should be accessible, regardless of your budget. Her materials are ethically sourced and she is proud to be able to share these pieces of her culture with the world. 

You can find Ashya’s work in a number of small shops across the country, in local markets and through her online shop. She loves being able to meet her customers face-to-face and connect with you in person!

All my work feels worth it when I see that customers feel they have something special and are proud to be wearing one of my creations. Thank you to every single person who has purchased a piece from me along the way - your support is very appreciated! Hiy Hiy!