△ My jewelry tarnished! How do I fix this?
Please head to this page - "How do you clean your jewelry?".

△ What if I live in Vancouver and would rather pick up my order and save on shipping?
Send me an e-mail! You can definitely pick up your order to save on shipping but  I live in South Vancouver, Bc

△ What are shipping times and costs?
All information about shipping is here!

△ I'm curious about the energy in crystals, and how to recharge them.
Amazing! If you are buying one of my creations that has a crystal, you will want to read this page about recharging and cleansing your crystals

△ I would like to commission you to make a piece for me, can you do that?
Of course! I love to make special pieces - dreamcatchers or jewelry. Let me know what you like in my store, any specific measurements, any inspiration you have, any specific materials you would like me to use, and any other details I would need to know. You can send me these details by e-mail.

△ What materials do you use for your jewelry?
I work mainly with brass and gold filled or gold plated. Everything is lead and nickel free. Some products are gold or silver as well. Crystals I commonly use are aura quartz, cobalt quartz, rose quartz, labradorite, and Opalite. If you have questions about the materials used in a specific piece, please e-mail me!

here is a pros and cons of plated jewelry : click here


△ My jewelry turned my skin green, is this an allergic reaction?
The green hue left behind on your skin from brass and copper jewelry is simply oxidization caused by moisture, and is not an allergic response to you jewelry.
It's commonly found more with thick rings than necklaces or bracelets, and can be washed off the skin fairly easily. If you find this undesirable, you can apply a product called Jewelry Shield, or apply a clear nail laquer to the components that have the most contact against the skin.

△ The product I am interested in is out of stock. But I really want it!
I might still have one! I may have just not updated the inventory on the website. Or I can make you one to order. Just shoot me an e-mail.

△ What materials are used in your creations?
I work mainly with brass and plated gold. Some products are made with gold or gold filled. I like to play around with different materials, and I'm always open to suggestions if you're looking for something specific. I love using crystals and minerals, and many people feel a deep connection with these products. They absorb and emit energy, and can be recharged and cleansed. I work with found items, and items given to me by my elders as well, from bones to feathers.  If there is a specific product you would like to know about, please e-mail me.

△ Any other questions for me that aren't answered here?
That's right, just shoot me an e-mail: innerwolfjewelry@gmail.com.